DeSantis 2024—Our Last Chance to Save America

While, as of this date, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has not officially announced his candidacy for President of the United States, I am nevertheless endorsing him. Governor DeSantis has said and done all the right things so far. When certain tyrannical Governors decreed onerous lockdowns and forced vaccinations to (supposedly) counter the Chinese virus (aka Covid-19), DeSantis stood almost alone in rejecting these unscientific and unjustified edicts which, in reality, were more about CONTROL than public health. When “woke” school boards attempted to indoctrinate schoolchildren with false and hateful Critical Race Theory (CRT) propaganda, DeSantis stood with parents to eliminate such indoctrination in public schools. When corrupt, demented Joe Biden encouraged CRIMINAL ILLEGAL ALIENS to invade our country, DeSantis would not allow them in Florida. When unscrupulous politicians wanted to do away with voter I.D., so that INELIGIBLE individuals would be able to vote, DeSantis insisted on voter integrity laws. These are but a few of the wonderful things Governor DeSantis has accomplished in office to date.

So what about Donald Trump? I do not condemn him for questioning the results of the 2020 election. Anyone with a functional brain knows the election was rigged. And we know that the “Russia collusion” hoax was just that—a HOAX. And Trump’s tweets, while perhaps not “politically correct”, were nevertheless his only means of communicating directly with the American people, because of a blatantly hostile and dishonest mass media and a manipulative “big tech” tyranny.

But I do question Trump’s judgment in several of his appointments , and in not immediately firing evil individuals like Christopher Ray (FBI) and Anthony Fauci (NIH) But worst of all, Trump did nothing on behalf of the courageous patriots whose only “sin” was protesting the rigged 2020 election. Many of them are still literally rotting in solitary confinement in prison, without chargers being filed against them, as well as having their constitutional right to a fair and speedy trial denied. OK, charge them with trespassing, and fine and/or jail them accordingly, but don’t treat them as POLITICAL PRISONERS. And, even worse, when a Capitol Police dirty cop shot and killed an UNARMED protester, Ashli Babbitt, Trump was noticeably silent. These people gave their time, their freedom, and even their lives for Trump, and got nothing in return!

Although Trump is still very popular with the American people, he tends to bring out all the vicious, hateful, and criminal elements in our country. While this in itself is not a sufficient reason to reject Trump as the Republican nominee in 2024,(he certainly would be preferable to the likes of Joe Biden or Gavin Newsom or Michelle Obama or whatever communist/socialist the Democrats select for 2024), there is a legitimate fear that Trump would not only lose, but would also drag other good conservative candidates down to defeat. And truthfully, if we elect another Communist Democrat President in 2024, we might as well kiss America goodbye. Our country, our very freedom. will be lost, perhaps forever. There is only one man at the moment who can save America. And that man is Ron DeSantis.

The Honorable Eddie Rose

Former Laguna Niguel (CA) City Councilman

“A Voice—Not an Echo”


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