Media Bias Matters

When “Lefty” Lester Holt was selected as the “moderator” of the first Presidential debate, the American people should have been very wary.  Acting as a true Clinton lackey, Holt did his “job”. He  continually directed biased, personal, and largely irrelevant questions at Donald Trump, while there were absolutely NO questions directed at Hillary Clinton’s support of amnesty for illegal “immigrants”; her advocacy of flooding this country with tens of thousands of Syrian “refugees” (i.e., terrorists); her complicity in the murder of four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens, in the Benghazi terror attack; her role in the Clinton Foundation’s “pay-to-play” scheme with foreign governments ; her utter disregard for American security by her indiscreet use of personal e-mails; and her continual enabling of and covering up for her sexual predator husband, Bill.

Yes, we already know Donald Trump is a flawed candidate. He lies, he cheats, he evades, he bullies, he insults.  But, by comparison, Hillary Clinton is much, much worse.  She is a vile, evil, and corrupt piece of dreck (that means garbage, for those who don’t understand Yiddish).  Hillary Clinton would finish the job TRAITOR Hussein Obama started by turning America into a third-world country.  Clinton clearly belongs in the BIG HOUSE, not the White House.

Unfortunately, Trump demonstrated his ineptness by failing to adequately refute Clinton’s lies in the debate.  Perhaps Trump’s “advisers” urged him to exercise “restraint”.  But “restraint” does not mean remaining silent in the face of blatant lies by your opponent.  Someone with more factual knowledge and understanding of what was going on, such as Ted Cruz, would have ripped the smirking bitch Clinton apart (figuratively speaking, of course).

Will the next Presidential debate be any fairer?  Well, the “moderators” are from CNN (aka, the Clinton News Network).  So, when you watch the next debate, just keep in mind that media bias matters!

The Honorable Eddie Rose

Former Laguna Niguel (CA) City Councilman

“A Voice—Not An Echo”