Wake Up Alabama—You’ve Been Conned

Paid, publicity-seeking accusers coming forward after some 40 years (and, coincidentally, just before an election) with unfounded and unproven allegations.  The blatantly biased and morally bankrupt mass media (The Washington Post, The New York Times, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, et al) passing on these phony allegations as if they were gospel.  And confused and gullible Alabama voters staying home on election day, while semi-literate whites and blacks came out in droves to vote for a far-left and unfit candidate, Doug Jones.  But despite the lies and smears directed against The Honorable Judge Roy Moore, the real commiecrat and establishment republicrat objective was to steal an election and a Senate seat.

The vicious lies and smears concocted by the far left in this country are certainly nothing new.  Back in the mid-1950s, a courageous United States Senator, Joseph McCarthy (R, WI), attempted to expose the Communist influence in “our” government, in the mass media, and in academia.  For this, he was pilloried by these termites who could not and would not stand to be exposed.

And in 1964, another courageous individual, United States Senator Barry Goldwater (R, AZ) would have made perhaps the greatest United States President ever.  But the commiecrats and establishment republicrats could not allow that to happen.  So they came up with a notorious political ad depicting a little girl picking flowers in a field about to be hit with a nuclear blast, presumably caused by Goldwater’s conservative political views!

It even happened to me, a mere City Councilmemeber in the Orange County (CA) City of Laguna Niguel (1994-1998).  As a Jew and a populist conservative (before most people even knew the meaning of that term), I fought the special interests and corrupt influences in our city government, and stood up for the little guy.  Of course, certain anti-Semites on the City Council and their cronies on various city commissions and the Chamber of Commerce wanted a rubber stamp on the City Council. so they put out a lie- and hate-filled mailer a few days before the 1998 election.

Tha Alabama con job is neither the beginning nor the end.  The ultimate commiecrat and establishment republicrat objective is a coup, leading to the overthrow of our duly-elected President, Donald Trump.  To this end, the corrupt Robert Mueller and his cabal of Trump haters and Clinton/Obama donors are conducting a phony “investigation” into so-called Trump/Russia “collusion”.  In fact, the real “collusion” is between Crooked Hillary Clinton and her Department of “Justice” (DOJ) protectors, and the Clinton/Hussein Obama gift of Uranium to the Russians!

The Honorable Eddie Rose

Former Laguna Niguel (CA) City Councilman

“A Voice—Not  An Echo”