Covid, Covid, Covid—Are You Sick Of It Yet?

Actually, what we’re really sick of is the constant barrage of vaccine propaganda coming from the likes of the conflicted and complicit pathological liar Anthony Fauci (aka Doctor Fraudci), the morally bankrupt mass media (CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, et al), the corrupt and demented President In Name Only (PINO) Joe “Lyin” Biden, his spokesperson Jen Piss-Saki (sic), aka Little Red Lying Hood, and of course, Big Pharma (i.e., Pfizer), which stands to rake in billions as a result of this “plandemic”.

First of all, if the “sheep” really believe the lie that the vaccine will prevent them from contracting the Chinese virus (aka Covid-19), why should they be so concerned about the “unvaccinated”? The reality, however, is that the vaccine is NOT a preventative. Those who have been “fully vaccinated” are still contracting the Chinese virus, often in equal or even greater numbers than those who have not gotten the jab. Further, what does anyone know about the long-term adverse effects of the vaccine?

So, despite the self-styled “experts” who issue vaccine mandates and demand compliance, this isn’t about health and safety. It’s about scare tactics which ultimately lead to TOTAL GOVERNMENT CONTROL. But this is still America, NOT Nazi Germany or Communist China. The government has NO right and NO authority to dictate what we must put in our body. If someone wants the vaccine and the forever boosters (and assuredly they will be forever), that’s their prerogative. And if someone doesn’t want the jab, that’s their prerogative as well.

One thing is certain though. The Communists (aka Democrat politicians) will use the same tactics in 2022 that they used in 2020. They will lock us down and use the virus as an excuse for unsolicited mail-in ballots, leading to ballot harvesting, in order to steal another election. After all, that was the REAL reason for the “plandemic” in the first place!

The Honorable Eddie Rose

Former Laguna Niguel (CA) City Councilman

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