The Commies Are Coming*

*Actually, they’re already here! They’re in charge of the U.S. House of Representatives, with the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schitt (sic), AOC, Omar, Tlaib, and their ilk. They make a lot of noise in the U.S. Senate, with the likes of Chuck “The Schmuck” Schumer, Blumenthal, Durbin, “Crazy Mazie” Hirono, and many more. They control the mass media (CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, The Washington Post, The New York Times, et al), with their blatant lies and vile hatred of our country. They exert monopoly power over social media, through Bolshevik billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) and Jack Dorsey (Twitter). They fund terrorist groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter through other Bolshevik billionaires like George Soros and Jeff Bezos. And let’s not forget the nameless, faceless, Marxist teachers and professors who have indoctrinated our children in schools and universities.

But this is only the proverbial tip of the iceberg. These vermin have been at it for years, undermining our Constitution and plotting a coup to install a one-world Communist dictatorship in the United States. They attacked a duly-elected President 24/7 with groundless witch hunts, impeachment hoaxes, a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) laboratory virus, and lastly a fraudulent election to subvert the will of the American people and install their corrupt and demented puppet, Joe Biden, and his anti-Semitic and anti-Catholic bigot, “Kommiela” Harris in the White House.

Make no mistake about it! Biden and “Kommiela” did NOT win this election. They STOLE it, through rigged Dominion Voting Systems machines, which deliberately transferred hundreds of thousands of votes from President Trump to Biden, and further additional hundreds of thousands of fraudulent mail-in ballots (i.e., illegal and ineligible) were cast for Biden in several states, all coincidentally, with Democrat Governors and/or Secretaries of State.

Just do the math. It doesn’t add up. If President Trump received, at the very least, 15 million votes more than he did in 2016, and Biden did WORSE than Hillary Clinton did in 2016 in all but a handful of big cities (Philadelphia, Detroit, Milwaukee, Atlanta), there is NO legitimate way Biden could have won! In fact, in the above excepted big cities, the Biden vote EXCEEDED THE NUMBER OF REGISTERED VOTERS!!!

This election was the worst example of VOTER FRAUD in the history of the United States. Yes, the fix was in! Hopefully, the U.S. Supreme Court will overturn this fraudulent election. But, if they don’t, and if Stacy Abrams and her comrades Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock STEAL the U.S. Senate seats in the upcoming Georgia runoff, we can kiss our country goodbye. Perhaps forever! So wake up, America! Paul Revere, where are you now when we really need you?

The Honorable Eddie Rose

Former Laguna Niguel (CA) City Councilman

One thought on “The Commies Are Coming*

  1. I suppose, at our ages, we may as well accept it just as Indiana’s infamous coach, Bobby Knight, told the National Organization of Women’s group regarding what to do about rape, – “Just lay back and enjoy it”!

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