The Media Is The Real Virus

As bad as the Chinese virus has been, it pales in comparison to the pro-Communist mass media in our country (CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS. NBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post, et al). The mass media hates America. They hate President Trump. They hate you. They hate me.

The mass media has spewed their vicious lies, their blatant bias, and their fanatical hatred 24/7 in an attempt to overthrow a duly-elected President of the United States. FAKE NEWS, FAKE POLLS, FAKE WHISTLEBLOWERS, FAKE HATE CRIMES, FAKE BOMBSHELLS.

But its much worse than lies and fakery. The mass media is the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party, just as Pravda was the propaganda arm of the Soviet Communist Party. And they all parrot the very same commie catch-phrases—“systemic racism”, “children in cages”, “manufactured crisis”, “climate change”, “white privilege”, “peaceful protesters”, ad infinitum.

\And now the media is trying to con the American people into thinking corrupt Joe Biden and “Kommiela” Harris are “moderates”. “Moderates”? Just like Mao and Stalin and Castro and Maduro I suppose?

Make no mistake about it! The Chinese virus will magically disappear the day after the November election. But the pro-Communist media will still be around. The media is the REAL virus!

The Honorable Eddie Rose

Former Laguna Niguel (CA) City Councilman

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