You Have a Choice on November 3

You may like President Trump personally.  Or you may not.  But that is not the issue.  The issue is whether you want America to remain a free nation or become a communist tyranny.

Today, we have a political party—the Democrat Party—that wants to destroy America!  The Democrat Party wants to eliminate the police, abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), vandalize and tear down historical statues and monuments, release violent criminals from prisons to commit more heinous crimes, allow illegal aliens to invade our country (and eventually vote), suppress and punish freedom of speech and expression, disarm law-abiding American citizens, tax the American people out of our homes, and ultimately, seize our property and assets. 

This is NOT your parents (or grandparents) Democrat Party.  They claim they are for “social justice”, but what they really want is to enslave ALL Americans. 

Today’s Democrat Party, with its violent military arms, ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter, not only condones violence, they encourage violence, as a means to facilitate their actual objective, the overthrow of America and the installation of a socialist/communist dictatorship.

And the Democrat Party, with its propaganda arm, the Marxist Mass Media (i.e., CNN, MSNBC. ABC, CBS, NBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post, et al), LIES and attacks our President 24/7 with its FAKE NEWS, FAKE POLLS, FAKE WHISTLEBLOWERS, and FAKE HATE CRIMES, in order to brainwash the American people.

So, on Novenber 3, 2020, we indeed have a choice.  We can either vote for someone who will keep our country safe and preserve our freedom—President Donald Trump;  or we can vote for a sick, demented, and corrupt Joe Biden, who will preside over a communist dictatorship. The choice is very clear—freedom or tyranny!

The Honorable Eddie Rose

Former Laguna Niguel (CA) City Councilman

“A Voice—Not An Echo”

2 thoughts on “You Have a Choice on November 3

  1. THANK YOU Eddie Rose for speaking Out!! I absolutely agree with you that WE MUST rid our corrupt Democrat Party and their propaganda arm!!
    AMERICA MUST VOTE RED WAVE to Save our Constitution and Freedoms!
    THE TIME IS NOW 🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸


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