Same Old Schiff

“Having Adam Schiff lecture the (U.S.) Senate about fairness and due process is like listening to an arsonist talk about fire prevention.”

—U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R, SC)

Truer words were never said!  For not only is Adam Schiff a pathological liar, but he is so consumed with his hatred of President Trump, that he conspired with  a fake “whistleblower” to orchestrate a sham impeachment show trial in order to overthrow a duly-elected President of the United States.

In the course of his Stalinist impeachment “inquiry” as Chairman of the House Intelligence (sic) Committee, Schiff denied President Trump (1) access to evidence; (2) the right to counsel; and (3) the right to call witnesses.  The full transcript of President Trump’s phone call with Ukranian President Zelinsky clearly shows that Schiff blatantly and knowingly lied regarding the content of the call.  The only Quid Pro Quo was that of corrupt “Quid Pro Joe” Biden, who threatened to withhold a billion dollars in aid to Ukraine unless Ukraine fired the prosecutor who was investigating Biden’s incompetent and unqualified son, Hunter, who just happened to be on the board of and receiving millions from Burisma, a Ukranian oil and gas conglomerate.

And yet this lying piece of dreck Schiff, along with his comrades-in-arms Jerry Nadler and Chuck “The Schmuck” Schumer, has the chutzpah to claim the U.S. Senate isn’t affording him “fairness and due process”.  What is clear is that the only ones who have abused their power are Schiff, Nadler, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of these so-called “Democrats” who have been trying for over three years now to execute  a coup in order to seize absolute power for themselves.  The American people sent them a message in 2016; we need to send them another unmistakable message in 2020!

The Honorable Eddie Rose

Former Laguna Niguel (CA) City Councilman

“A Voice—Not An Echo”

One thought on “Same Old Schiff

  1. It would be a blessing if the coronavirus were to take out a few of the old farts in congress as well as “Joe Blow”! However, let it spare some of the rest of us old fogies!

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