We’re Proud of the Covington Students

The vicious attacks on the courageous Covington (KY) High School students by the Lunatic Left (i.e., the corrupt and morally bankrupt politicians and their lying and unscrupulous mass media cohorts) are truly despicable.

The Lunatic Left attacked the Covington students for three primary reasons: (1) the students courageously participated in the March for Life to show their support for the unborn and their opposition to the Planned Parenthood (aka Planned Abortionhood) baby killers; (2) the students are of the Catholic faith, a religion which has become unacceptable to the Lunatic Left, as evidenced by their hatred for and intolerance of Catholic judges, expressed by the likes of U.S. Senators “Crazy Mazie” Hirono (D, HI) and “Kommiela” Harris (D, CA); and (3) several of the students wore “Make America Great” (MAGA) caps which, of course, is their constitutional right, but also brings out the hostility and ugly bigotry of the Trump-hating Lunatic Left.

Instead of acknowledging the patriotism and heroism of the Covington students, the vile mass media chose to lie and defame them, while simultaneously glorifying the actions of a professional agitator and pathological liar, Nathan Phillips, who, as videos clearly show, was the aggressor and troublemaker, while the students watched peacefully.

We are very proud of the Covington High School students.  For more than a half-century now, intolerant and blatantly-biased Marxist “teachers” and “professors” have been brainwashing students in our schools  and colleges and turning them into robotic “useful idiots”.  It is wonderful to see that these Covington students have been raised with American ideals and values.  If America is to survive, these kids are our future.

The Honorable Eddie Rose

Former Laguna Niguel (CA) City Councilman

“A Voice—Not An Echo”




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