Election Fraud—Lock Her Up!

She’s baaack!   Every two years, just like clockwork.  No, not Crooked Hillary Clinton this time (her time is coming though).  This time, it’s Corrupt Brenda “Sneaky” Snipes, the Supervisor of Elections (or is it Supervisor of Corruption?) in Broward County, Florida.

“Sneaky” Snipes thinks she is above the law, having been reprimanded by a Florida Judge in the past for destroying valid ballots.  Now she is in Contempt of Court for refusing another Judge’s order to “disclose public records” regarding votes in Broward County.

Little wonder.  The corrupt Snipes thinks her job is to find, manufacture, or otherwise come up with enough fraudulent votes (illegal aliens, convicted felons, deceased voters, double-counted votes) in Broward County to put her Democrat comrades, Bill Nelson and Andrew Gillum, over the top in statewide races they clearly lost.  In other words, to disenfranchise Florida voters!

The Democrats are good at one thing—stealing elections.  The only reason “Sneaky” Snipes delayed the vote count for days in Broward County is she needed to know how many votes Nelson and Gillum needed to steal the election.  Shades of Mayor Richard Daley in Chicago and Lyndon Johnson in Texas.  Snipes is a CROOK.  Lock her up!

The Honorable Eddie Rose

Former Laguna Niguel (CA) City Councilman\

“A Voice—Bot An Echo”


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