Mollie Tibbetts—She Had Dreams Too

Every time I see a photo of Mollie Tibbetts, a beautiful 20 year-old young woman stalked and murdered by Cristhian Rivera,  a criminal illegal alien from Mexico, it brings tears to my eyes.  Even though I didn’t know Mollie and am old enough to be her grandfather, I would have given anything to have been in Iowa and somehow been able to prevent what happened that fateful day.

Sadly, the vile and treasonous elected officials in states like California and cities like San Francisco, Oakland, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, and elsewhere who protect, harbor, and provide sanctuary for the likes of this piece of human excrement Cristhian Rivera and his ilk literally have blood on their hands.

So do the blatantly biased, morally bankrupt, and pathologically lying mass media, including most of our local TV “talking heads”, who simply refer to Rivera as an “undocumented immigrant” instead of the criminal illegal alien he really is.

If you are the parents of a young girl or young woman, please implore her to not walk or jog alone.  But, if she can’t bring a friend along, at least make sure she brings a weapon to protect herself.  The traitorous Obamaite politicians want to take away her Second Amendment rights.  But she has every right to not become a victim of some criminal illegal alien intent on rape and murder.

The vermin in the mass media and in Congress like to refer to DACA as “dreamers”.  But Mollie Tibbetts, much like Kate Steinle who was also murdered by a criminal illegal alien, had dreams too.  And, while the vermin in the mass media and in Congress complain about “children” being temporarily “separated” from their parents at the border, they of course say nothing about Mollie and Kate being permanently separated from their parents.

The Honorable Eddie Rose

Former Laguna Niguel (CA) City Councilman

“A Voice—Not An Echo”









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