A Guide to Politically Correct Oxymorons

In order to understand the machinations of the left, it is necessary to understand their deceitful language.  So here are a few of their politically correct (PC) oxymorons.

“Friendly” Fire—this is supposed to mean that if an individual is killed by someone on the same side (such as a fellow soldier in a war, or a fellow officer in a police shootout), the bullet which killed him is “friendly” (as opposed to “unfriendly”, we suppose!)

Gun “Violence”—another absurdity, pushed by the gun “control” crowd.  A gun is an inanimate object.  It takes someone behind it to make it a deadly weapon, just as a knife, a baseball bat, or even an automobile.  It’s the person behind the weapon, who is violent, not the weapon.

“Undocumented” immigrants—no, they’re illegal aliens.  The reason they have no documents is that they entered our country illegally!

“Separation of families”—a fraudulent term coined by the mass media to gain sympathy for lawbreakers.  When someone commits a crime, of course they will be “separated” from their families.  Obviously, you can’t incarcerate the entire family for the crime of one individual.  The message to those who are using their “children” as pawns to gain illegal entry into the United States is if you don’t want to be “separated” from your “children”,  don’t cross our borders illegally.

“Victimless crime”—another fallacy,  While certain crimes are clearly more heinous than others, all crimes eventually, if not immediately, affect or impact someone.

“Criminal” justice system—that’s the problem.  Thanks to biased and incompetent judges and the anti-American (sic) Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the focus has been on “rights” of the criminal, instead of the victim!

“Black Lives” Matter—of course, black lives matter, as do white lives, brown lives, and blue lives.  In fact, all lives matter!  To imply that honorable people think black lives don’t matter is totally disingenuous.

“Muslim ban”—no, we don’t ban Muslims.  But we do, and should, ban anyone who advocates and/or threatens violence against Americans.  And, as Americans, we have the absolute right to determine if someone entering our country is not a potential terrorist.

“Hate speech”—a term coined by subversive organizations, such as the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) to deny Americans their First Amendment rights and censor anyone who doesn’t subscribe to their own hateful and bigoted views.

“Mainstream” media—the big lie that the mass media in our country is in the “mainstream”.  No they’re not!  The so-called “news” reporters on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, the New York Times, the Washington Post, et al, are so vile and so biased against our country and our President that they can’t help but spout their venom and anti-American propaganda 24/7.

The Honorable Eddie Rose

Former Laguna Niguel (CA) City Councilman

“A Voice—Not An Echo”







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