Misdirected Outrage

It’s happened again.  Another mass shooting in a school, this time in Parkland, Florida.  Parents of the victims are outraged, as well they should be.  Even those students fortunate to escape physically unscathed will be emotionally scarred for life by watching their classmates gunned down for no reason.  And every American should likewise be outraged by this senseless and recurrent act of violence.

But much of our outrage is clearly misdirected.  The biased and hateful mass media (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, The Washington Post, The New York Times, et al) refer to this heinous act as “gun violence”, an oxymoron of the worst kind.  Guns BY THEMSELVES do not kill.  Someone has to pull the trigger.  Guns IN THE HANDS OF DERANGED INDIVIDUALS, TERRORISTS, OR GANG MEMBERS kill.  Our real focus, therefore, should obviously be in KEEPING WEAPONS OUT OF THE HANDS OF THOSE INTENT ON KILLING.  Our outrage should be directed toward THE PERPETRATOR, not his weapon of choice!

The real agenda of the Lunatic Left is not to make our schools safer, but rather to outlaw all guns, and ultimately strike down our Second Amendment, the right to bear arms.  But does anyone really believe that, even if guns were outlawed, someone with an intent to commit mass murder couldn’t rent a U-Haul truck to mow down his or her victims, or toss an incendiary device into a crowded venue?

What must be done to prevent such senseless acts of violence as we have witnessed in Parkland, Las Vegas, Boston, Sandy Hook, Columbine, San Bernardino, and many more is, at the very least:

(1) Institute thorough background checks in order to weed out those who should not be issued guns;

(2) Limit automatic weapons to those with a legitimate need to have them (e.g., local police);

(3) Employ adequate and competent armed security personnel, metal detectors, and any other appropriate safeguards at all “soft target” public venues (e.g., schools, churches, concerts, sporting events, etc.);

(4) If, despite the above, the perpetrator of a mass murder is captured alive, hold a fair and speedy trial, and if the perpetrator is found guilty, carry out the death penalty without countless delays for meritless appeals.


The FBI (aka, the Federal Bureau of Incompetence) had multiple warnings regarding the mindset of the Parkland shooter, but opted to ignore these warnings, probably because the FBI hierarchy was too busy trying to undermine and sabotage the election of our United States President.

The Honorable Eddie Rose

Former Laguna Niguel (CA) City Councilman

“A Voice—Not An Echo”








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