America—Love It Or Leave It

All Americans were outraged at the disgraceful spectacle of so-called professional “athletes” kneeling, locking arms, or refusing to even come out of the locker room during the playing of our national anthem prior to last Sunday’s football games.  Of course, the  morally bankrupt mass media continues to glorify these semi-literate “athletes” with their seven-figure salaries and single-digit IQs who, were it not for their prowess in running a football (or dunking a basketball, for that matter), would probably be out on some street corner pimping or dealing drugs.

This shameful protest has nothing whatsoever to do with what President Trump said or any perceived racial animus.  It has everything to do with lack of respect for our flag and our country.  It is part-and-parcel of a larger subversive movement to destroy our historical statues, malign our founding fathers and, ultimately, take over our country and enslave our people.  We are not being attacked by Russia or anyone else outside the United States.  We are being attacked from within—by “our” lying mass media, “our” biased and bigoted college professors and administrators. and by “our” corrupt commiecrat and RINO elected “leaders”.

It is time the American people let the National Football League (NFL) know that we will not tolerate this anti-American behavior.  We can easily do this by refusing to attend NFL games unless and until these so-called “athletes” learn to respect our flag and our national anthem.  As the late singer/composer Merle Haggard so eloquently stated nearly 50 years ago in his ballad “The Fightin’ Side of Me” (December 1969), this is America—“if you don’t love it, leave it”.  Amen!

The Honorable Eddie Rose

Former Laguna Niguel (CA) City Councilman

“A Voice—Not An Echo”


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