Why We Admire (And Need) Jeff Sessions

President Donald Trump’s vicious and unwarranted attacks against Attorney General Jeff Sessions say more about Trump than Sessions.  For of all the individuals in Washington, both elected and appointed, Jeff Sessions is perhaps the most courageous and honorable.

We obviously do not have all the facts regarding the “Russia” investigation, but we do know that Sessions’ decision to recuse himself was his call, and his call alone.  Recusal is not a sign of “weakness” as Trump suggested, but rather a matter of integrity, a trait of which Trump is utterly devoid.  To say that Jeff Sessions is “beleaguered” is a blatant lie, since the only one doing the “beleaguering” is Trump himself.  Jeff Sessions, unlike his predecessors Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, has to date done the job for which he was appointed—eliminating criminal alien street gangs, targeting “sanctuary cities” and the corrupt elected officials who enable them, securing our border, and keeping our country safe!

We do know that the Russia “collusion” myth, and the “obstruction of justice” charge were concocted by a treasonous Democrat party, in concert with a biased and morally bankrupt mass media.  And we do know that this cabal has been attacking President Trump since even before he took office.  So Trump has every right to go after his enemies and the enemies of the American people.

But when President Trump attacks dedicated and patriotic individuals for doing their job, simply because they won’t kowtow to him or kiss his big fat a—, then he’s gone too far.  This is the mark of a schoolyard bully, an egomaniac, and a con artist.  If Trump were to put his narcissism aside for a moment, he might realize that many—if not most—of those who voted for him did not vote for him per se, but rather voted against Hillary Clinton (and eight years of Hussein Obama).  Or, to put it another way, we voted for the message, not the messenger!

President Trump has achieved two outstanding objectives to date, the appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court, and the appointment of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General.  If Trump fires Sessions, or causes him to resign, it will be a gross betrayal of his promise to make America great again.

The Honorable Eddie Rose

Former Laguna Niguel (CA) City Councilman

“A Voice—Not An Echo”





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