Celebrity “Justice”?

Once again, O.J. Simpson, the notorious Butcher of Brentwood, has been given a “Get Out of Jail Free” card, this time courtesy of the Nevada Parole Board, after serving only nine (9) years of a 33-year sentence for armed robbery.

This is the same O.J. Simpson who committed two heinous murders in 1994, only to be “exonerated” by a biased and incompetent jury, thanks in large part to a sympathetic and inept District Attorney who moved the trial to Los Angeles, where it would be impossible to impanel an impartial jury.

This is the same O.J. Simpson who was found liable in a civil court action for the murders and ordered to pay $33 million in damages to the victims’ families, of which he never paid one cent and probably never will, because his NFL pension is considered “untouchable”.

But then again, this is the State of Commiefornia (sic), where “celebrities” like Bill Cosby and O.J. Simpson are allowed to get away with rape and murder, where the hateful and morally bankrupt mass media glorifies them and condemns anyone who dares to criticize them as racist, where criminal illegal aliens are given drivers’ licenses and allowed to vote (and you wonder why Hillary got so many votes in Commiefornia), and where corrupt state and local elected officials harbor and provide sanctuary to these criminal illegals in open defiance of federal law.

So now, come October 1, this piece of garbage O.J. can move back to Florida, live off his pension, play golf with Hussein Obama at taxpayer expense, and find another publicity-seeking white trash “girlfriend” with a single-digit IQ like him.  And make big bucks selling his autograph to some of his stupid “admirers”.  This is celebrity “justice”, folks.


So, what is the difference between the movie, “The Lion King” and the O.J. Simpson saga?  One is about an African Lion; the other is about a Lyin’ African.

The Honorable Eddie Rose

Former Laguna Niguel (CA) City Councilman

“A Voice—Not An Echo”




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