No “Sanctuary” For Criminals (Including the Elected Officials Who Protect Them)

The corrupt mayors and other elected officials who have created, enabled, and defended so-called “Sanctuary” cities, and refused to cooperate with federal immigration authorities are clearly in violation of federal law.   Two (2) 1996 federal laws expressly forbid sanctuary policies that shield criminal illegal aliens.  8 U.S.C. Section 1373 forbids policies restricting communication and information sharing.  8 U.S.C. Section 1324 forbids harboring criminal aliens or shielding them from detection.

So, in addition to (1) boycotting any and all so-called “sanctuary” cities, counties, and states. and (2) withholding federal funds from these jurisdictions, it is now up to our Attorney General Jeff Sessions to arrest and prosecute these criminal elected officials who have not only thumbed their collective noses at the laws of the United States, but have violated their oath of office by refusing to uphold the Constitution of the United States!

We know all too well the numerous horror stories of criminal illegal aliens, many of whom having been deported numerous times, return to commit murder, rape, assault, and other heinous crimes, because local elected officials refused to turn over these criminal illegal aliens to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents.  Shame on these vile and evil elected officials.  They should be removed from office and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.  They literally have blood on their hands!

The Honorable Eddie Rose

Former Laguna Niguel (CA) City Councilman

“A Voice—Not An Echo”


2 thoughts on “No “Sanctuary” For Criminals (Including the Elected Officials Who Protect Them)

  1. Is it a coincidence that the mayors and governors of “Sanctuary Cities and States” are liberal
    democrats who count on increasing their voting bloc?

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